Great that you are interested in applying to SRH University Heidelberg

To apply for a bachelor's or master's degree course at the SRH University Heidelberg, you will need to follow the steps set out below (multiple applications possible).

You can use our online application form to apply for the English-language degree courses listed below:
  • Electrical Engineering - Bachelor of Engineering
  • International Business - Bachelor of Arts
  • Applied Computer Science - Master of Sciences
  • Information Technology - Master of Engineering
  • International Business and Engineering - Master of Engineering
  • Music Therapy - Master of Art
  • Dance Movement Therapy - Master of Arts
  • Big Data and Business Analytics - Master of Science
  • International Management and Leadership - Master of Arts
Please note that all other courses are held in German language exclusively and thus require German language proficiency.

Please find the language requirements for our German Courses here.

Four steps to apply for our degree programs

During the application process you may pause, log out and log back in at any time.

Step 1: Create a user account


Step 2: Start your application by filling in your data and uploading your documents


Step 3: As soon as your application is submitted you will receive a confirmation e-mail

Step 4: Shortly after your application has been submitted we will inform you of the next steps